As a first contribution on, I decided to start a small series of publications on the different suspension systems for mountain bikes. Do not worry, I'll start from the basics. Enjoy your reading and if you have any comments or questions, comment on the publication and I will be happy to answer you.


In the world of suspension systems we can separate all this into 5 major categories with their own particularities. There is the single pivot, the horst link, the virtual pivot, the ABP and the linkage-driven. On the other hand there is a problem. Many consider these categories to be extremely different from each other, but these systems all have, or almost all, one thing in common. Apart from the single pivot and the linkage-driven (special case), all the other systems are virtual pivots.


Look at the pictures below. If you draw lines on the links, you can find the IC. The IC is actually the Instant Center. This virtual point determines the arc of rotation of the wheel. On a single pivot, the system rotates around the main pivot which is real and acts as IC while on virtual pivot systems, the IC is a pivot point not physically visible and is the point around which the wheel pivots. The IC (instant center) can also move during the travel. We can therefore establish two real distinct categories, namely the single pivot and the virtual pivot. - velo montagne suspension montait bike suspension - mountain bike suspension veto montagne - suspension velo montagne mountain bike

That's all for the first basics of the suspension system for mountain bikes. In the next article, I'll go deeply with the Single Pivot! Subscribe to the Facebook page to not miss anything and I invite you to like my Dmbike page to keep reading me. - dm bike mountain bike