It is very difficult for enthusiasts, especially when they are VERY good, to change domain! Nearly a year has passed since the fall of GURU, not because of their products, but rather because of a logistic decision. We will not elaborate on this subject since everything has been said and we prefer to focus on the future, that is to say T-LAB! Continue reading for full details ...

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First, it is important to mention that the T-Lab team is composed of the same founders and engineers as GURU as mentioned on the homepage of their website "A master builder return with a fresh take on a timeless material".

For those unfamiliar with the name of GURU, the Montreal-based company was a world leader in the production of high-end carbon, titanium and steel bikes with several award-winning bikes such as PRAEMIO and the PHOTON to name only these.

Today, with T-Lab, the company is focused on one material, titanium. The latter is often associated with classic style bikes since it is very difficult to handle when it comes for production, which also makes it very expensive. However, thanks to their team of engineers and designers, T-Lab is able to offer titanium frames that reproduce the same characteristics as a carbon performance bike. Interesting when you think titanium offers better strength and longer lifetime.


With one idea in mind - making the best bike you've ever had - every T-Lab bike goes through a meticulous fabrication process involving several steps and countless quality control checks.



At the moment, T-Lab will offer only frames. Two series, each composed of two models, constitute the product range.

On the technological side shared between the two series, there is the proprietary MONOLITHIK dropout system that offers an exponential advantage with regards to stiffness; provides exceptional durability and more precise shifting.

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Unique dropout design is replaceable in case of damage and adaptable to all wheel standards


The first series, designed for asphalt roads, features grade 9 (3Al-2.5V) titanium tubing delivers advanced performance, ride quality and durability. Shapely down tube profile maximizes power transfer while providing an ideal pedalling and steering platform.

Each model offers a choice between Endurance or Performance geometry.

  • 5,400$ CAD

bikenation.ca - t-lab road bike route velo

The R3 road frame is the most advanced version of the range. The frame is available in a wide variety of colours to choose from. Click here to see all colour combinations of the R3

Learn more about the T-Lab R3 here

  • 3,600$ CAD

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The R1 frame is the entry-level model of the Road series. Like the R3, a wide variety of colours is available. Click here to see all colour combinations of the R1

Learn more about the T-Lab R1 here


The second series, All-Terrain, is intended for the new wave of versatile bikes. Here again, T-Lab offers the possibility to choose its geometry according to its goals: Cyclocross for the competition or a more relaxed geometry Gravel / Adventure  for the amateurs of off-road.

Each model gets a grade 9 (3Al-2.5V) titanium tubing that delivers optimal performance, vibration absorption and durability.

  • 6,000$ CAD

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The X3 is the high-end model of the All-Terrain series. The frame is available in a wide variety of colours to choose from. Click here to see all X3 colour combinations

Learn more about the T-Lab X3 here

  • 4,200$ CAD

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The X1 is the entry-level model in the All-Terrain series. He also offers a wide variety of colours to choose from. Click here to see all colour combinations of the X1

Learn more about the T-Lab X1 here


T-Lab frames will soon be available at selected retailers whose specialty is fitting to ensure a quality standard when buying a T-Lab bike. We will update the article as soon as the first retailers are known.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit www.t-lab-bikes.com to learn more.

Source: T-Lab

What you think about the come back of GURU on the market?