Hybrid Bike

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For the pleasure of cycling or to stay in shape we present you the hybrid bike! Whether you are looking for comfort, versatility or lightness, several choices are available to you.


Cycling is a fun way for you to enjoy the weather? You like the rides on bike paths and enjoy the landscape? No need for a high-performance bike. One type of comfort or recreational bike will be ideal to enjoy the beautiful summer days.

You want to push you physically to stay in shape? The hybrid performance bike will satisfy your needs. It is lighter and finds many similarities with the road bike, and while keeping the position of the hybrid.

Want to go beyond the limits of the bitumen (asphalt) or gravel path? Adventure series will satisfy you. With its distinctive front suspension, it will allow you to ride with comfort in more technical trails.

In addition, any hybrid bike is produced with fasteners that can accommodate luggage. This accessory is perfect for travellers or workers travelling by bicycle. By cons, if you plan to put much weight on the bike, a lightweight bike, but more robust will be to consider.



If you are riding occasionally or if you prefer the generally flat course like bike paths, go for a comfortable and versatile bike. Do not worry about the suspension, it will add too much weight. By cons, a suspension seatpost and a wider saddle in gel will be an asset for comfort and keep your back straight. In addition, adjustable stem helps you to position your handlebars to raise your back and neck.


If you prefer to escape into the forest trails or bike paths in clay, opt for a comfortable bike, but more efficient with more solid parts. If you go into the more technical trails, a suspension will cushion impacts and make the output less exhausting for the body.


If you ride into town and the road is your playground, go for a lighter bike. Indeed, the bike is more agile by adding narrower tires and better components. The distances appear shorter and you will improve your performance. Some bikes usually aluminum, come dressed with a carbon fork to give lightness and comfort. For more diligent, some companies offer bikes completely in carbon as carbon brings more lightness and comfort than aluminum.

Another type of bike used in very large cities, the Fixie bike. With one speed and a type of brakes chosen by the rider, this bike is ultra-light and improves your pedal stroke. Be careful! Do not stop pedalling because the fixed gear and the wheel block together.


For entry level bikes, companies use simple and low maintenance groups. The price of a bike depends on the number of speeds used, 7 or 8-speed rear and 3 front rings. Adjustable stem and suspension seat post are often basic accessories with these bikes:

  • Shimano: Tourney, Altus, Acera,

For a more assiduous use, go for a bike with more robust components. In this case, 8-9 rear speeds offer more opportunities and facilities. Thus, the shift is more accurate and faster than the base models:

  • Shimano: Alivio, Deore, Deore LX, Deore XT

For performance bikes, you can opt for a bike equipped as a road bike. Precision, lightness and timeliness are its main advantages. There will be 8 and 11 rear speeds depending on the group used:

  • Shimano: Claris, Sora, Tiagra, 105

For cyclists who ride in all conditions, both in summer and winter, groups with internal gear may interest you. All speeds are integrated in the rear hub. Completely sealed, you will almost never need to maintain:

  • Shimano Nexus, Alfine


Last important point before you purchase: the size of the bike and positioning. Make sure you buy the right size of a bike. Too small or too large will cause you bike long-term injuries. Get measured in a specialized bike shop and do not leave the shop without having to assess your positioning by a professional. Good positioning will improve your comfort and by extension, your performances. Finally, an appropriate saddle will complete your positioning. Choose it according to your habits on the bike and depending on your flexibility. 



  • Entry to mid-range bike without suspension;
  • Suspension seatpost;
  • Entry groups components;
  • Adjustable stem;
  • Comfort seat.


  • comfortable bike depending on the type of terrain;
  • Lighter bike;
  • High-end groups components;
  • Carbon and suspension forks to consider;
  • Saddle depending of your hours spent on the bike.

touring cyclist:

  • Robust and comfortable bike;
  • No suspension;
  • Mid-range groups of components;
  • Lightness;
  • Saddle depending of your hours spent on the bike.