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WHY ADVERTISE ON Bikenation.CA? acts as a cycling reference in the Province of Quebec since 2014 and across Canada since 2016. Joining hundreds of thousands of users every year, the website focuses on new products and new cycling technologies while promoting local shopping, allowing advertisers to reach a targeted audience actively seeking information!

By generating new content regularly, propagates a dynamic and modern image. The website has been designed in a simple and clean way so users are not annoyed or harassed by advertising, which allows advertisers to promote their products with respect and without negative effect against consumers who browse!

All ads have been laying out to be visible to users. Forget the ads at the bottom of lost pages without content, we ensure that your ad is seen by our community of cyclists and decision makers in the industry.


It's very simple, contact us at so we can send you our media kit. Several ads are available to help you achieve your goals. However, some spaces are limited, so if you want to target a particular period, please contact us in advance to ensure availability.

You have an idea that is both precise and special? Contact us and we will do everything to meet your demands.

You are in the bike industry? is THE place to advertise. Why? Because we are one of the only cycling sources of information on the web to encourage local shopping only. Advertise with us will not only encourage your sales but also demonstrate to your customers that you are there for them! Contact us immediately at

  • We only accept advertisers that distribute their products through the bike shops to promote local shopping.
You are a bike shop?

Contact us at so we can schedule a meeting and explain you all the benefits can bring to your shop. We are here to help you and ensure you are visible in your consumer research on the most influential media today.

We also offer a range of other services such as the management of social networks, marketing and creating contests or surveys. Contact us for more information.


The web is the place where to advertise and ensure that you are visible to consumers. 87% of Canadians admit to browse the web before making a purchase! Moreover, unlike print, the web allows to attract your customers and refer them directly to the content targeted to your goal! Much more attractive you say! Eh yes!

This is also all that ...

The web is also a more affordable way to advertise, which leaves room for the creation and imagination, which offers flexibility as to the length and layout of the ad, which can be modified and updated throughout the display, and generates concrete statistics.

And cycling ...

Choosing a dedicated website about cycling is to partner with a sport, a hobby, a transport and a way of life practised by many millions of Canadians. Cycling projects an active and healthy life image that brings together people from several lifestyle so you ensure to reach your target among all its people!

Cycling is also a way of life environmentally conscious. Green transportation is not the future, it is the present. Combine right now this positive image to your business!

REVIEWS? yES WE'RE DOING IT! main mission is to inform Canadian cyclists about the news on the market. Although each cyclist has different needs , it is our duty to review products to better guide and inform our users about them.

However , it is important for us, even essential , to ensure that these reviews are completely impartial and are not influenced by buying advertisements and other. This is one of our core values ​​, trust us !

If you wish to review one of your products by our experts , contact us at to organize everything.


We are a small team who wants to share his passion by offering content that is both dynamic and interesting. We are working hard through our website, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and our Instagram account to build an active community involved and that will benefit our customers and our advertisers. All that while remaining neutral and keeping our main reason which is to promote local shopping!

Thank you and hope to successfully promote your brand, product, shop, and more ... - advertise with us bike cycling bicycling canada

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