Cycling is more than transportation. It's a passion, an exercise, a work, a freedom, a green transportation, a money saver, a unifier, a pride, transcendence, and more!

Cycling is now part of our way of life and challenges diverse climatic changes in Canada, allowing the practice year round. But let's face it, we must be well informed and equipped! It is in this optic that Bikenation.ca was created.

Bikenation.ca is dynamic and innovative. It is a unique concept which accompanies you throughout your process of buying a bike and facilitates your efforts towards the freedom and comfort to ride in the great outdoors! Moreover, Bikenation.ca goes further by generating discussion on the site allowing any rider to share, to use information and learn from each other.

Finally, Bikenation.ca commits to encourage local buying from Canadian bike shops. The maintenance and the purchase of a bicycle is a specialization and it must be done by experts who have mastered the various mechanisms of a bicycle and cycling technology otherwise you expose yourself to the risk of significant injuries. It is for this reason that we, Bikenation.ca , and you, dear Canadian cyclists , must continue to encourage our local bike shops so that they can survive and continue to provide their good services.

Join us!

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